Rohan Dasgupta

Live in Drongen,Belgium.

Born with latent music in his veins, Rohan was inspired and initiated into the world of music by padmabhusan Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan (mentor of the great Jafferkhani baaj). Rohan considers himself very fortunate to start the emphatic journey towards Indian Classical Music from one of the stalwarts of sitar playing Pandit Harashankar Bhattacharya (disciple of Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan), from a very tender age. Under his wings, Panditji initiated little Rohan to the magical world of Classical Music and Jafferkhani Baaj and as he unfolded, step by step, with parental care and affection, the deep nuances of the musical worship, little Rohan matured as an artiste and developed an individual meditative style of Sitar playing. The legend, Padmabhushan Ustad Abdul halim Jaffer Khan,himself has been a constant source of inspiration throughout and Rohan is blessed with numerous life defining sessions from his legendary Dada guru himself.Presently he is also imbibing several rhythmic intricacies under the influencial guidance of Tabla maestro Pt.Udai Mazumdar of Banaras gharana.

Aarohanam duet

Hailing from a musical background, it was easy for Rohan to learn and communicate the holy mirth of music all through. His undying interest and quintessential love for music have helped him to grow and mature musically. He is credited for his dynamic stage presence and humble personality.He has been performing and spreading the sacred ecstasy of Indian Classical Music belonging to Indore Gharana from a very young age, and have got enormous compliments and support from his listeners and admirers from all around the globe.As an open minded

musician , humility and spirituality are his biggest assets which drives him to learn more and grow with musicians of various genres.Rohan has been associated with several musicians world wide and tours extensively around the world.

With his great dexterity and creative instinct , Rohan has always shown his orthodox and magical command over the implicit nuances of the Raagas.Establishing new avenues and visions as a music composer, Rohan is

at his innovative best among the blooming musicians.

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