Rohan Dasgupta

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SANGAM - An ethereal blend of north and south Indian music by Flute Jayanth and Rohan Dasgupta.


Project commenced from 2017.


International tour dates will be announced shortly.

ANATMA - An Indo-Italian jazz project.

Rohan collaborates with renowned Italian jazz musicians Daniele Di Pentima (Drums), Riccardo Di Fiandra ( Bass), Luigi Di Chiappari ( Piano).


Project commenced 2016.


Tour dates will be updated soon.

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SITAR DUO - Rohan collaborates with his causin Deepsankar Bhattachajee presenting the unique 'Jafferkhani baaj' of sitar playing.The duo has received numerous accolades and recognition from India and abroad.


Project commenced 2014.

AAROHANAM - 'When strings sync' is a unique collaboration between Rohan 'acoustic sitar' and Aravind Bhargav in 'electric Mandolin' presenting a blend of north and south Indian traditional music.

The duo has received profound recognition in the South Indian music circle and in European platforms.


Project commenced 2012.

SITAR & BANSURI - A collaboration between bansuri artiste Bhaskar Das and Rohan.

The special meditative sound of the traditional sound scape has made this colaboration a notewrothy one among many of the artiste's current projects.


Project commenced 2011.