Rohan Dasgupta

Presenting 'Naad sutra' - The sounds of meditation by Rohan Dasgupta and Bhaskar Das.

The artistes integrates in their creative expressions to bring out the beauty of pure and traditional sounds of the Sitar and the Bansuri through this album ‘Naad sutra’, a meditative sound innovation dedicated to world peace. Within the transcendental resonances of Gongs, Bells, Drone and Mantra hums, the ethereal vibrations of the acoustic Sitar, Bansuri and Surbahar creates an unique meditative sound experience and takes you through a journey of peace and tranquillity.

Special mentions - Koyel Dasgupta Naha ,Malcolm Woods in Mantra hums and special sounds.

Mr.Gautam Basu and Mr.Deepak Samson for sound engineering.


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